Sarah Marie Adams 


I shared an incredibly personal part of my story on my my social media yesterday. The outpouring of support I received after the post was incredible. I felt the outpouring of love. I heard from others with similar histories. I spoke my truth. I live with a mental illness and each day is work. In […]

Bringing Light

I met Anna though our involvement with our local JDRF chapter. I was fortunate enough for her to become a friend and blessed beyond measure for her to quickly become one of my best friends. I’m a believer that people are put in your life for a reason- Anna was dropped right in my path […]

Anna & Alex

I’ve been struggling since I launched my site to find my first blog post- it seems only appropriate to share the 2019 JDRF Hope Gala. I was honored, humbled, and thankful when I was asked to do the candid photography for the event. Logan is one of the Youth Ambassadors, so she was going to […]

JDRF Hope Gala