Sarah Marie Adams 

years we've been married 

My family IS my heart. My husband is my soulmate- holding his hand, loving on him still gives me butterflies. Our daughter, Logan is fourteen, then we have Gavin who is seven and our baby girl Ireland Grace who is two. I never new how firercely you could love until I had Logan, then met Curtis and we had our own two children. They inspire me each and every day. Our lives are so busy and chaotic, but I would't trade one second of it for a thing in the world. 

Hey y'all! I'm Sarah- wife and mama.  I'm an advocate for leggings and all things comfy. I'm all about coffee and messy buns, couch dates and a good book.  I'm lucky enough to have lived my whole life just a few minutes from the ocean. My tribe is small and they're the best in the world. 


beautiful children


years we've writing our own love story


Let me capture what sets your soul on fire.

Couples who live boldly. Dance. Laugh. Play. Show the world how madly in love you are.  Allow me to tell your love story to the world.

Let me capture the moments that tell your story.

Families who get by on organized chaos are my people. I can work easily with kids under my feet, behind me, beside me, you name it. I love it. Those moments are fleeting and they make the time we share so much fun.

Bringing out the joy in the ordinary moments.

I love to capture the real moments between families. The happiness cultivated by togetherness, love and laughter. Hug, laugh, smoosh, run and play. Every moment is  gift and it is my honor to capture that for you. 

I'm a Storyteller


Are you ready for me to tell your love story?