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Anna & Alex

I met Anna though our involvement with our local JDRF chapter. I was fortunate enough for her to become a friend and blessed beyond measure for her to quickly become one of my best friends. I’m a believer that people are put in your life for a reason- Anna was dropped right in my path at the time of our first JDRF walk. Incidentally, I was her first outreach call. Things happen for a reason. I know one thing is certain- Anna Pishko was meant to be in my life.

My first interaction with her boyfriend Alex was when we had our first monthly book club meeting at her house and he graciously offered to go up and get food for us and patiently waited while we chatted about what we wanted, then talked about something else, then chatted about food again, then back and forth and so on. It took forever and this guy had to go to work, had to eat and was still offering to pick up our food so Anna (or any of us) didn’t have to go out or pay for delivery. SAINT ALEX. I liked him immediately.

I knew I wanted to do photos of these two- not only because they’re crazy about each other, but for my own selfish purposes, I mean, they’re gorgeous together. <3





Anna & Alex

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