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JDRF Hope Gala

I’ve been struggling since I launched my site to find my first blog post- it seems only appropriate to share the 2019 JDRF Hope Gala. I was honored, humbled, and thankful when I was asked to do the candid photography for the event. Logan is one of the Youth Ambassadors, so she was going to be participating in the event. For many of you, it’s already a known fact of my life that my oldest daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic. When she was first diagnosed, it was the scariest day of my life. I wasn’t sure if she was going to come out of the hospital- but we did and we were greeted by a whole new community through the JDRF. As we move forward to the next JDRF event, I’ll share more on Logan’s diagnosis and how it’s changed our family.

This was the first year I’ve attended the Gala. I’d heard how amazing it is from other attendees, but NOTHING could have prepared me for the night I was about to experience. Logan and I arrived and immediately saw the hallways lined with the most incredible silent auction items, the Gala hall tables had beautiful handmade centerpieces and there was an amazing quartet set up to play while attendees sipped signature cocktails and bid on the auction items.

As the night began, I watched my daughter greet the generous donors at the door while thanking them for attending, showing them the way in. As a matter of fact, all of the other volunteers were moving around in a manner that appeared effortless in the large crowds of people, offering help, socializing, and offering any help they could. There were many parts of the night that pulled at my heartstrings, but the one moment of the night that brought me to tears was seeing her walk in with all of the other amazing type one’s for Fund A Cure, which is the live donation portion of the night. I was positioned by the stairs, so all of them coming in had to pass me. They entered to the song, This Is Me from the movie The Greatest Showman. When they all came in, I fell apart. They all received an amazing standing ovation. Then I saw her, my beautiful baby girl coming in with a sign for $2,500. I don’t even know where to begin to explain the spectrum of emotions I felt when I saw her and all of others. I watched these kids go on stage and the incredible attendees donate thousands of dollars towards funding a cure for this disease. Amazing does this event no justice; I don’t think there is an adjective appropriate enough to describe it.



Logan and Renee, the diabetes nurse educator that taught us how to care for Logan when she was first diagnosed. She taught us how to pull insulin, carb count, correct high blood sugars, treat lows and how to not fall apart.

This last photo is one I’ll cherish forever. This is Logan’s endocrinologist, Dr. Reifschneider. He wanted to take a picture with Logan- and when I said smile, he looked at her with all the pride in the world. He’s said endless times how proud he is of her and this photo shows it.


Venue: Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

JDRF Hampton Roads:JDRF






JDRF Hope Gala

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